What is Tele-Rehab?

During this time of clinic closures we would like to continue to support and assist our patients with telerehab services. We understand that this a time of constant change and we would like to continue to provide quality care and offer guidance regarding your health. 

What is telerehab? 

  • Telerehabilitation or Telehealth services is the use of video conferencing, sensors, chat/text  to receive remote physiotherapy services. 

What does telerehab look like? 

  • These virtual sessions include injury consultation, education, exercise prescription and supervised active rehabilitation. 


Am I eligible for telerehab? 

  • Not all patients and injuries are appropriate for telerehab so we recommend discussing your injury with our physiotherapist to determine your suitability for this treatment. Some conditions that might be suitable for physiotherapy include pre and post surgical orthopaedic conditions such as total knee replacements, sprains and strains, chronic pain, and much more. 


Does Insurance cover my virtual physiotherapy session?

  • Some insurance companies are covering virtual physiotherapy sessions as regular physiotherapy sessions. Please speak to your physiotherapist regarding your specific insurance coverage.


What do I need for a telehealth session?

  • An open space to complete exercises

  • A quiet space with few distractions

  • A tablet, phone, or laptop


Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our clients. We use hands-on techniques to assess and diagnose the underlying root causes of pain and injury to help you to relieve your pain & get back to a normal life.


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